Seeing is not enough:

You have to feel what you photograph.





Behind the lens you will find Belinda Erasmus, I'm a South-African based Lifestyle, Media, & Portrait Photographer.

I have been blessed to have had a couple of my gorgeous portraits featured in magazines like Real Brides & Get it Lowveld.

As well being a part time freelance Media Photographer for the Get it Lowveld Magazine.

The name Belle-Grace came from me knowingly having God's favor ''Grace'' upon my photography, and the word Belle, came from the beginning of my name Belinda, and also means ''beautiful''  I couldn't think of a more appropriate name than

Belle-Grace Photography.

I am a proud Lowvelder living in Nelspruit, having the opportunity to capture significant moments in the most beautiful parts of our country.


My passion for photography dates back to my youth. Photos were never boring, they were an escape into someone else's memories, feeling the moment. I would inspect each individual photo, examining the facial expressions and surroundings.

Not many people will remember the first time they picked up a camera, well I do, it amazed me that I could capture a moment in time.

I captured shots of everything, wanting to remember everything for the rest of my life. My passion has never  faded, being behind my lens is not a job, it's a privilege. It's something I really love doing.

Photos are about capturing and pausing a moment in life, I want you to feel your emotions and to relive your memories through my photography.

I'm all about natural real moments. I may get totally over excited when capturing a special moment, because I literally pour my heart and soul into every single shot. I don't shoot what I see, I shoot what I feel.

It's a desire from the heart that makes it a passion for what I do, I believe by the feeling I have behind the lens, and by GRACE alone, that it's a gift from above.


I've spent countless hours selecting each image throughout this website, they represent everything that has made me love photography, they make me feel something inside, whether it's a warm sensation or feeling of achievement, but it's something I can't explain. A feeling of pure joy and happiness.

Only if you feel something, then there is a good chance we are a fantastic match.


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Seeing is not enough: you have to feel what you photograph.